I’m willing to admit I’m not a good sport at a Mexican restaurant when it’s sombrero time. The time you can hear the staff approaching as they sing and it’s no secret that you are the one with the birthday. People you thought you held dear are laughing and anticipating the dessert in front of you finding its way to your face. I wonder the deep questions in life: who told them and is this really my favorite place to come on my birthday? However, at that point I realize that I am not some powerless victim. I know the future and therefore I may be able to avoid a facial by reversing fate. They laugh, they sing and I reach for the bowl. I smile as I pay the gift of receiving free dessert forward and say, “You guys had me at sombrero, but I am dairy free now. Ole’, Ole’, Ole’! Guess I am eating chips and salsa today.”

#comedy #humor #laughter #food #Mexican restaurants #birthday #socializing #friends #family #dessert

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