The quotes that inspire and shape us are almost as common as advertisements in our life. “Shoot For the Moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.” This was a favorite quote until one day I really started thinking about it: First of all, if you were aiming for the moon and reached the stars, time to recalibrate. You just missed your destination by almost 96 million miles and even if you landed on the first star, you better be able to “handle the heat, or get out of the kitchen” because you just found yourself on the sun. However, I hear “life is a journey not a destination” so maybe if you get yourself out there far enough, you will get sucked into a black hole and then you’ve really gone above and beyond. No one even knows your potential. Shoot for the moon even if you miss, you’ll be forever remembered for your effort and terrible aim.

#funny #humor #comedy #laughter #jokes #storytelling #quotes #moon #stars #astronomy #dreams #goals #sarcasm

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