Being pooped on by a bird: frustrating, embarrassing, and just plain gross. Watching this happen to someone else creates a different set of emotions from compassion, to relief that you weren’t the random target, and trying to hold back that little bit of laughter that is creeping up inside. However, I was not quite certain what to think when the pedestrian on the crosswalk sign was the target. Perhaps just a bad day for this poor guy just doing his job: warning people that there were people trying to get across the street safely in the area. Then boom out of no where… Incoming! Totally ruined that suit from shoulder all the way to the pants. I also thought it could be a warning to the people using the crosswalk. A sign adaptation of caution to the clueless pedestrian that birds are flying above in this area. Be aware in this crosswalk it is our civic duty: Caution Birds!

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