As I pull up to the drive thru speaker, I become someone I don’t even know. All of the sudden a #3 with a drink becomes fine dining. I would like ketchup and mustard, no mayo. However, could you put my pickle and onion on the side, but make sure they are in separate containers as I don’t want them to touch. I would also like my fries cooked to order and I like them a little crispy. Oh sauces? What kind do you have? Oh wow, could I try one of each. Extra? That will be extra?!? I will just take ketchup then. Oh yes, my drink, I would like the half sweet, half unsweetened tea. Well, not really half, really a third sweet and the rest unsweetened. I really just like it a little sweet. Oh yes, I guess just sweetening it myself would be a good idea. Yes, give me six, no eight sugar packets. I probably should have just came in and made my own drink, huh? Unfortunately the sugar doesn’t melt in cold tea so could I have the ice on the side. Let’s see, no dessert, it sounds good, but no that will be all. Ok, see you at the first window. Hi, how are you tonight. Tired, huh? It’s probably from orders like mine. Let’s see here: There’s 75 cents and I’ve got a few dollars in my pocket. I think I have another dollar and some change in my coat. Oh here’s a penny in my cup holder. Oh my, looks like I’m a few dollars short. I am very sorry, but could you take everything off but the tea.

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