Ear muffs are back. Every fashion has its season and re-emerges periodically. This one however is actually winning by playing a round and not just coming back around. The winter accessory that most kids hated snuck right in. Worn all year now and one of their main sales features is what every kid that had a pair slapped on their head and adjusted to fit knew quite well. It is well known marketing is key and it is all in the pitch. There was the light up feature, but now there is the sound feature. Therefore, with some rebranding, it can comfortably be worn along the sidewalks and in the schools, malls, and subways. I think they still look a bit silly, but I am not the best judge of cool. I thought fanny packs were definitely gone for good. As ear muffs morph into GIANT headphones: I remember the good ole’ days and the things that were always true. I tried to tell my friend through her ear muffs on the bus years ago that I wish these things at least played music. My friend said loudly, “What? What did you say? I can’t hear you at all! these things must have sound reducing technology or something!”

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