I have a long list of random jobs that took me through life specifically from college to professional days. Owning my own business was definitely the most interesting, but I did not choose the more common jewelry, make-up, or candle route. Why would I want to do something sane like that? I joined a team of elite, mean, clean, dust bunny fighting machines. I became a vacuum cleaner salesman. We had people find our team locations and send us on roads often less traveled where we gave our presentations. I have felt like I was a junk picker, in a horror movie and an exterminator all in the same night. One post cannot tell the stories. It was unique but I was working towards my Master’s and making my way in life. One night I was assigned a house in a small town and was taking samples from various locations. I placed my wand deep into the couch as it is the grand finale proof of just how necessary the product purchase, and as I brought it out proudly said “and you will be surprised what you find,” as I turned my head to see a pair of thong panties stuck to the end of my wand. Unfortunately, they were not the head lady of the house’s and although we did all have a good laugh at the mystery, my face had turned the same color as the intimates. All in a day’s work as our slogan was: ‘Not only do we clean but we strive to find all your dirt.’ And by the way, here’s your complementary gift set and goodbye.

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